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Funny WIFI Names [2019] Latest Collections

People tend to be attracted to cool staff. Funny Wifi names are one of those things. As soon as we buy a new Smartphone or router, we opt for changing the name of the wifi network.

We prefer to name the network by some really unique and attractive words. This growing practice of changing wifi names and keeping cool names for our router or wifi network has become a trend nowadays.


We love various cool things, starting from our school days to our adulthood we choose to use various cool staff in our life. May it be a pencil box or a by-cycle.

Cool stuff always attracts our eyes. We know if we use cool gazettes or cool staff, we will get special attention from our friends and neighbors. We will be noticed by everyone and people will follow us too.

Here we have come up with a great collection of cool and awesome wifi names. All the wifi names are innovative and unique. You can use these wifi names for your router network SSID and wifi network of your mobile.

The uniqueness of the content will amaze you. When your friends and neighbors will see those wifi and router network names, they will be enjoying it a lot.


Why should we use funny wifi names?

It is the way of expressing our attitude and feelings. Keeping a wifi name related to a particular topic signifies that a person is having depth knowledge about that topic and thereby it is a self-expressing tool. Having used different wifi names bearing different meanings, you showcase your talent and knowledge.


girl checking wifi names

People do not get much opportunity to promote their talent and in this case, the wifi name takes a very significant role to help people promote their thoughts and ideas. Although the wifi name is a collective of 3 or 4 words, it tells a lot about the person who owns the wifi name. In those 3 to 4 words, one can define a lot of things and one can easily understand by seeing those 3-4 words, what exactly the person wants to express.

For businesses, it has become a marketing tool. Many shops use different types of wifi names to promote their shop, brand, products and thereby wifi name has become a very effective promotional tool. Businesses target their audience by means of such a wifi name promotional approach.


More collections of funny names for your WIFI Network: 


Funny Wireless Network Names’ [wifi names] Collections for your Hotspot and Router Network SSID:

girl enjoying wifi names


    1.                 You Need My Permission
    2.                 Only Boys Are Allowed
    3.                 What Are You Doing Here
    4.                 Only Girls Are Allowed
    5.                 I Love You
    6.                 This Is For You
    7.                 You Wanna Use It
    8.                 This Is Not For You
    9.                 I Miss You
    10.                 You Are Too Lucky
    11.                 Grab It
    12.                 Just Grab It
    13.                 Dare Not You Use This
    14.                 Damn You
    15.                 Do You Have The Guts


Sorry to interrupt in between, Hope you enjoy reading our great collection of Cool wifi names and also, we are hoping, you already have selected your ideal choice of interesting wifi names that you are going to use in your hotspot or router network. Please leave a comment in our comment box and if you have any kind of suggestion or you want to share anything with us, you are really welcome to send us a message.

More collection of Geeky and Amazing Wifi Names for your device Network:

    1.                 Do You Have The Password
    2.                 This Is Only For Her
    3.                 You Don’t Have The Guts
    4.                 Not For You
    5.                 Get Out Of My Network
    6.                 Get The Hell Out Of Here
    7.                 Mai Kya Yaha Dharamshala Khol Rakha Hain
    8.                 Wifi Hub
    9.                 Wifi Baba
    10.                 Loot Lo
    11.                 Loot Ke Le Lo
    12.                 Jaldi Connect Kar Na Yar
    13.                 Amar Ta Use Koris Na
    14.                 Tor Babar Ta Use Kor
    15.                 F**K You
    16.                 I Want To K**S You
    17.                 You Are Lucky
    18.                 You Are Damn Beautiful
    19.                 I Saw You Today
    20.                 U Were Looking Beautiful
    21.                 It’s Beautiful Day
    22.                 I Wanna Hug You
    23.                 Are U There
    24.                 Don’t Mess With Me
    25.                 Don’t Miss The Opportunity
    26.                 Abbe Nikal
    27.                 Ghusna Mat Phirse
    28.                 Don’t Enter Again
    29.                 Abe Password Kaha Se Mila Tujhe
    30.                 Password Is I Love You
    31.                 Le Le Le Le Le Le Le, Le Le Tu Le Le Re
    32.                 Phir Se Aa Gaya Tu
    33.                 Will U Be There For Me Forever
    34.                 After You
    35.                 Age No Bar


Cool wifi names remain evergreen. These wifi names will never be old. You can use these wifi names as long as you want. You choose a wifi name and it will be liked by people of different ages.

girls enjoying wifi names

When people from different ages will come across and view your selected wifi names to their mobile screen, they will enjoy the same. As long as, you are not using any abusive languages or terms, there is no wrong in giving such cool names to your router network and mobile hotspot network.

You should make sure, the term or the words you are using for your router network SSID is not hurting anyone’s feeling or it is not consisting of abusive languages. We had special attention to this fact.


Funny and cool names of WIFI for your Hotspot Network and Router:


    1.                 Tu Jio Leta Kue Nehi
    2.                 Ghuske Dikha
    3.                 I Know You Use My Net Everyday
    4.                 Females Are Only Welcome
    5.                 Chuna Mat
    6.                 Password Mere Pass Hain
    7.                 Night Pack
    8.                 Not For Sale
    9.                 10 Rupees Per Hour
    10.                 Hi Neighbors
    11.                 O Behen Kal Ana
    12.                 Virus Alert
    13.                 Dirty Net
    14.                 Virus Affected
    15.                 Virus Found


Nowadays the internet has become the necessity of our life. We keep on using the internet from a plenty number of devices. Smartphones, SmartTV, SmartWatch, and many other devices are using the internet and all these devices are capable of catching the wifi network.

girl alone enjoying wifi names

So putting a good name to your wifi network is something that you are able to reach your voice to a lot of people without actually any verbal communication.

Cool Names for the Router Network SSID and Your Hotspot Network:


    1.                 Virus Home Delivery
    2.                 Be My Guest
    3.                 Touch Me Not
    4.                 Don’t Touch Me
    5.                 Wifi On Sell
    6.                 Connect Me
    7.                 Cool Wifi
    8.                 One-Click Virus
    9.                 Unlimited Virus Sharing
    10.                 Value For Money Internet
    11.                 Data Supply Interrupted
    12.                 You Are About To Enter The Unsecured Network
    13.                 Opt For The Unsecured Wifi
    14.                 Unsecured + Virus Attack + Data Lost
    15.                 Connect To The Cool Wifi Network
    16.                 4g Cool Hain Jee
    17.                 Ag Og Logee 4g
    18.                 This Is The Slowest 4g
    19.                 4g Gives 3g Speed
    20.                 Bandwidth For Band Baja Barat
    21.                 Take 4g With No Bandwidth
    22.                 Enter The Bank With No Bandwidth Connection
    23.                 I Can See Your Blue Tooth
    24.                 Please Share Yoru Blue Tooth
    25.                 Please Share Bluetooth, I Will Share Love
    26.                 Free Wifi + Bluetooth = Download + Share
    27.                 You Connect I Disconnect
    28.                 Connect To The Dirty Network
    29.                 Connect With Care And No Fare
    30.                 You Connect And Capture
    31.                 Connect Fast Or Become Last
    32.                 You Are Already Connected To This Wifi
    33.                 Connected But No Internet
    34.                 You And I Are Connected Through This Wifi
    35.                 Are You Connected With Anyone Else (Wifi)?


Internet speed has been increasing day by day and we are going to enter the era where we do not have to wait too long to experience the super speedy internet connection. We are really excited to use such cool and speedy intent connections.

people enjoying funny wifi names

In present days we have started using a whole lot of smart devices and we are increasingly developing new gazettes and devices. So there is no need to say that, in the coming days the use of the internet will increase tremendously.

People searching for nearby wifi networks will be amazed by the cool names of wifi and router network SSID. So if you have decided to give the router network a cool and funky name, do not hesitate and go ahead to choose your favorite wifi names from a whole lot of cool wifi names.


Set your cool WIFI Username from the below collections:

    1.                 Not Connecting….
    2.                 You Are Connecting To Dragon’s Network
    3.                 Connecting To Your Enimys Wifi
    4.                 Slowly Slowly Connecting….
    5.                 Connection Closing Soon….
    6.                 You Had A Cross Connection
    7.                 Net Not Connection
    8.                 Daily Data Dose
    9.                 Data Dropped
    10.                 This Is No More A Secured Connection
    11.                 Data Distribution Machine
    12.                 Datapack Finished, Better Luck Next Time.
    13.                 Data Distribution Going On….
    14.                 Data Pack Will Not Be Recharged Again.
    15.                 My Gf Is Going To Recharge The Data Pack Soon.
    16.                 Lack Of Data Pack
    17.                 Your Device Will Be Hot Soon
    18.                 If You Connect, You Will Lose Your Device
    19.                 Your Device Won’t Be Spared.
    20.                 Connect, Only If You Do Not Love Your Device.


We have been kind of addicted to the mobile phone and uses of the internet. Most of the times we use the internet or mobile devices. Wherever we go, we seek of internet connectivity. It has become our prime necessity now.

girls enjoying funny wifi names

Be it a railway station or a hotel, the first thing we look for is a wifi connection. Most of us are very busy in our office work or other personal work. Even sometimes we find people working on the go. That is why we are always in need of an internet connection.

In many big railway stations, free wifi facility is available and we do not have to worry about internet connectivity. But sometimes, we may be in some remote place or maybe in such a place where internet connectivity or wifi connectivity is not available.

In short, we what to establish that wherever we go we use the internet and we look for wifi connectivity. Hence, people who are using Coolest and funniest wifi names will easily be in the notice of people who are using the internet regularly.


Cool and Nerdy WIFI names which will be enjoyed by your neighbors:

    1.                 Kind Attention All Devices, Data Has Been Thrown, Please Catch
    2.                 All Devices, Be Ready, Data Is Being Released
    3.                 All Devices Will Be Distributed Equally
    4.                 Only Mobile Devices Are Allowed
    5.                 Disconnect 5 Devices And Then Enter
    6.                 Password Encryption Is Extremely High Level
    7.                 Disconnect Your Phone For The Sake Of Your Data
    8.                 Your Phone Will Be Disconnected After 30 Minutes
    9.                 Data Is Coming From A Dongle
    10.                 This Dongle’s Data Is Being Used By Your Dad
    11.                 Disconnect Your Pc And Use Only In Mobile Device
    12.                 Dongle Is Devoted To My Phone Only.
    13.                 Dongle Is Driven By A Spammy Software
    14.                 Top Level Encryption
    15.                 Encrypted Wireless Home Security System
    16.                 Wifi May Damage Your Handset
    17.                 Your Handset Requires A Restart
    18.                 Your Handset Is Not Compatible With This Network
    19.                 Handset Memory Is Full, Can’t Hold Any Transmitted Data
    20.                 Hotspot Is Full Of Dark Spot
    21.                 This Hotspot Makes Your Device Hot
    22.                 Hotspot Having No Security
    23.                 Hotspot Network Always Hanging


We have been using the internet for a long time, but after the invention of the smartphone and latest touch phones, the use of the internet has reached to the sky-high.

Nowadays almost everyone is having a smartphone and they can access the internet from the smartphone only. The invention of the smartphone is a revolution and it has introduced a lot of people to the internet. Earlier people used to go to the internet café to access the internet.

students enjoying wifi names


But now we have started forgetting the concept of internet café. Smartphone has brought the world at our palm and we can do many things from a smartphone. The concept of WIFI, net sharing, hotspot connection these all terms have been popular after the invention of smartphones only.

People now can choose good names for their WIFI network from the smartphone itself. People set the WIFI names from the smartphone and they try to give a cool name to their hotspot network, so people can see and enjoy the same.


Top WIFI names that define your coolness:

    1.                 Internet Is Slow
    2.                 Free Internet
    3.                 Internet Is Buffering
    4.                 This Wifi Network Is Below The Standard Of Internet Protocols
    5.                 Internet Is Very Useful
    6.                 This Network Is Violating All Internet Protocols
    7.                 Internet Sharing Has Been Stopped Due To Unknown Reasons
    8.                 Internet Sharing Has Been Started
    9.                 This Network Has Been Banned
    10.                 This Wifi Has Been Penalized
    11.                 Internet Sharing Will Be Interrupted For 1 Week
    12.                 Internet Is Being Shared, Be Ready To Catch The Data
    13.                 Your IP Address Will Be Visible To The World
    14.                 We Can See Everyone’s IP Address
    15.                 Loose Lan Connection
    16.                 Hey Man! You Owe My Lan
    17.                 Hey Woman! Trust This Lan
    18.                 Your IP Address Will Be Traced
    19.                 Can You Use This Lan?
    20.                 This Lan Is For Man Only
    21.                 Your IP Will Be Blocked
    22.                 Net Is My Pet Here
    23.                 If You Take My Net, You Owe Me Note
    24.                 Net Not Running For a Long Time
    25.                 NET Yet Not Got


Free internet is available nowadays in many places. Unlike earlier days, we do not need to spend a lot of bucks for using the internet facility. Railways stations, restaurants, bus stop, cafeteria, hotels wherever we go, we get free internet connectivity.

wifi symbol

A huge number of people are getting engaged in online activity due to the availability of free internet connections. Since people are doing a lot of internet activity nowadays, they are being more familiar with internet stuff.

Besides, using the internet for important purposes, they are also using it for enjoyment. People are so familiar and comfortable using the internet that they now have started using wifi as a playing tool. People are giving funniest and cool names to there wifi network and thus they are using it as a funny tool.


You should opt for these secured SSID names:

    1.                 Net Not Sharing Yet
    2.                 Net Sharing Is For Educational Purpose Only
    3.                 You Got A Bad Net Sharing
    4.                 High-Speed Internet Sharing At Your Door Step
    5.                 NetWork Not Work
    6.                 This Network Is Worth Using
    7.                 This Network Is Worthless
    8.                 Networking = Net Is Not Working
    9.                 Please Don’t Lie, I Know You Are Online
    10.                 I Can See You Online
    11.                 Hamara Data Upke Paas Hain
    12.                 Your Online Activity Is Being Tracked
    13.                 I Am Online For You Only!
    14.                 Pass The Password Please
    15.                 Password Is Your Name Sweetheart
    16.                 Password Tumhare Pass Hain
    17.                 Insert The Password And Not The Failword
    18.                 I Am Standing Outside Your Window With A Portable Hotspot
    19.                 I Am Portable Hotspot And You Are My Network
    20.                 LSD = LAN SHARING DATA
    21.                 Portable Hotspot’s Password Is Not Portable
    22.                 Terms And Conditions Applied
    23.                 Powerful Portable Hotspot
    24.                 Portable And Picturesque Hot Spot
    25.                 Router Is Not Working Currently
    26.                 Your Router Is Becoming More Louder
    27.                 Router Can Not Deliver Net Outer The Group
    28.                 Router Rest: Net Connection Will Be Interrupted
    29.                 Net Share Does Not Go There
    30.                 Share-Net If You Care
    31.                 I Share-Net To You And You Get Me There
    32.                 I Do Not Share-Net


Earlier data was very expensive. But nowadays various mobile companies are offering data at a very discounted rate. People are getting a high-speed 4g network at a very cheap price.

Earlier we used to have 2 GB or 4 GB data and we had to spend the same data for the entire month, but mobile companies are now offering data at such a discounted rate that, we can now afford to have even 1 or 2 GB data on per day basis.

Due to the cut-rate of the internet, an increasing number of people are able to use the internet facility. Even now people from remote villages are also taking the same facility of the internet at a very low price.

More people are connecting to the internet day by day and they are using the internet for various purposes. Entertainment is one of the major purposes served through the internet. People are using cool and funny wifi names and sharing NET with their family and friends.


Our best collection of Common wifi names:

    1. Router Signal Strength Is Poor
    2. Signal Is Red: Battery Is Low
    3. Hotspot Signal Is So Week
    4. SSID Wants Your ID
    5. Technology Has Reached in Your Doorstep
    6. You Are About To Touch The Technology
    7. Go Ahead And Use The Latest Technology Wifi
    8. Technology Beyond Your Imagination
    9. No Tower Is Showing
    10. New Wifi Tower Has Been Built
    11. Tower Shifting Soon…
    12. The Mobile Tower Of Your Area Is Shifting Soon


More uses of Mobile data has started the trend of Cool and Funny Wifi Name (Rather cool wifi naming words):

Mobile data is a very common term in our day to day life. Friends do share mobile data among themselves. They do not hesitate to share the internet with their friends. School or college friends are often found in groups and they do a lot of enjoyment.

t-shirt gif of wifi names

Mobile data plays a very crucial role in their life. Most of their enjoyment and activity are mobile phones and internet related. Listing songs, watching movies, playing games and even a lot more useful and entertainment activities are possible now with the help of mobile and internet.

The craze of using cool and funny wifi names also took birth from such friends groups only. Member of friends group often set their wifi names as a funny term which not only the other group members enjoys a lot but it is a medium too to express the attitude and feeling of a person.

Group members often express their heart feelings or something they want to say something with the help of wifi names.


Funny wifi names for Hotspot Device or Router SSID:

Hotspot device is the latest invention in the wireless technology which leads to the use of more wifi resulting in the increase of attraction towards cool and funny wifi names

There is the latest technology invented called a hotspot device. Earlier we could share wifi through hotspot from our smartphone itself. But now, a dedicated device has been designed to share only the hotspot network and that too at a very affordable price.

wifi hotspot device

There is a SIM card slot inside the device and you have to use a SIM card. The SIM card should be having recharged with a data pack. Once you insert the SIM card and switch on the device, you can see network signals and wifi signals.

Although the default wifi name of the hotspot device cannot be changed, you can connect up to 10 devices in that hotspot network and sometimes the number is even more, depending upon the network strength. The wifi names, which have been used in these hotspots devices by default are very cool.

How to create your own cool wifi names:

As we are approaching the end of the article, we should discuss the fact that how can we create our own choice of funny and cool wifi names. It is very simple to create a very cool and funny wifi name. You have to keep thinking of new and innovative ideas. You can get the best wifi names out of your daily useable stuff. Things you do or the TV program you watch regularly, you can extract a good and quality wifi name from those.

If you are willing to make a cool wifi name from the famous dialogues or names of your favorite moves or TV show, you can do the same very easily. First, take your favorite TV film into consideration and decide the famous one-line dialogue of which you want to make cool wifi names. Remove a few wards from that dialogue and replace those whose words by same lip-reading words having a meaning related to wifi, network or similar.

For Example, there is a famous dialogue from the Star war movie series. Let’s see how can we create a funny and cool wifi name from the dialogue. You can consider this as one of the star war wifi names.


Actual dialogue from Star ware movie series: “do or not do there is no try”.

Star war wifi name: “Do or Net do, there is no Try“.

If you see the wifi name, you will find that a word has been replaced from the dialogue and it has been replaced by a word related to wifi.


You should remember below things before selecting the best wifi names for your home :

The names which you are choosing for your wifi or router network SSID, those names should not be humiliating and should not be consisting of abusive languages or words. Insulting phrases should be avoided from wifi names.

Your primary intention should be to create such names, which will give pleasure, happiness, and fun to those people, who will see your wifi names. If you put some effort, you can think of many such good wifi names and use those in your mobile wifi names.


What describes, if you opt for a wifi name which is cool and funny:

When you give a cool and funny name to your wifi network, it means a lot to those people who regularly watch your wifi name. They can make a judgment about your likes and dislikes. They can predict your nature of living, they will also know your interest. Your selective wifi names may describe your present mental state as well.  If your good wisher is willing to know about your feelings, they might guess some sort of things out of your selected wifi names.


The ideal length of wifi names:

The ideal length of a wifi name should be somewhere between 3 to 4 words. If Your wifi name is a one-word phrase, it may not be so meaningful and interesting. You should use some funny and meaningful wifi names having 3 to 4 words. Make sure your wifi name does not cross 4 words otherwise it may not be completely visible in your friends’ mobile screen and the excess of the length will be trimmed.

Final Words: 

We have given here a complete list of funny wifi names. All the wifi names are very unique and it will surely make people happy when they will see those wifi names. Turning on the wifi in our device we find out nearby wifi connections and thereby we see different wifi names used by various people. Using different types of wifi names in our devices, we can pass messages to our neighbors.

You can shock your neighbors by showing them your crazy wifi names. We all are very busy in our daily work and in between, we get a little time to relax and have fun. Wifi names show your attitude, thinking, style and many more. You can let people know your feelings by wifi names.
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