Harry Potter Wifi Names - [2019 Latest & 100% Unique]

Are you a fan of the Harry Potter movie series? If yes, you are going to be happy to see all these best Harry Potter wifi names collections. All these movie wifi names have been written inspired by different Harry Potter movies.

harry potter wifi names

The Famous dialogues, characters, name of the famous places mentioned in the Harry Potter movie series, all these things have been incorporated and this great piece of the collection is ready for you. 

The movies of Harry Potter are really awesome. Whenever we meet our friends, we speak of Harry Potter movies. The action and mysteries of the film entertain us a lot. Although we know the story belongs to something which is not so common and which has no relevance in the practical world, still we love to believe those unrealistic stories and we keep on following our favorite characters of the movie.

Please, check out our collection of Harry Potter wi fi names. You are really going to like these wifi name and would love to share with your friends.

Best and Funny Harry Potter wifi names collection:

    1. One can never have enough Data   
    2. You'd have been welcome to share my WI FI              
    3. I solemnly SHARE that I am up to no BANDWIDTH.   
    4. People will insist on giving me touch              
    5. This is my mum and dad's best NET 
    6. When in doubt, go to the Internet  
    7. There are some things you can't share          
    8. Don't let the NET get you down        
    9. I hope you're pleased with W IFI       
    10. Oh, get out of the WI FI, Percy           
    11. Where is WI-FI-ood?               
    12. Harry - you have a great WI-FI, you know      
    13. Ginny didn't find internet amusing either    
    14. We think he's trying to Disconnect himself  
    15. I'm NET and as good as you
    16. "WWW"ho he was planning to attack NET   
    17. Simply splendid to see you, old Bluetooth   
    18. Very embarrassed, as she let go NET             
    19. His WI-FIS are as seen as a less people loaded             
    20. That's enough, NETWORKING           
    21. There are more important things - Facebook and Bluetooth               
    22. His hotspot is as deadly as a SHORD
    23. There are network good and encryption          
    24. I wish he was ONLINE, he has router and dongle      
    25. How really connecting to see WWW.             
    26. Oh, are you a PASSWORD-PROTECTED, Percy?          
    27. The hero who conquered the LAN  
    28. I dreamed I was BEGGING NET-SHARING last night 
    29. You should have SSID PINGING, WI-FI had no DATA 
    30. Do I look 2g-SPEED 
    31. He would hotspot networking sharing           
    32. Bang on, Internet remember him    
    33. Fat little Santa Clauses WI-th FI-shing rods…               
    34. THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE DATA-FREE            
    35. Tech. is something, pleased us         
    36. The FREE NET of them fell SLOW      
    37. Everybody finished the DATA at different times       
    38. The Ministry's providing a couple of wi fi connections             
    39. Did you share?         
    40. I’m very pleased to share you, Harry, dear  
    41. Say you're ill-egally using my DATA 
    42. Everyone looks up at SIM-CARD         
    43. What exactly is the function of a ROUTER duck          
    44. Pretend to break your LAN 
    45. It's because of you, Perce   
    46. There’s an empty SHARING at the ROUTER SSID       
    47. Really break your LAN           
    48. It's a LAN from my godfather             
    49. You haven't got a good MOTER-BOARD        
    50. Maybe he's ill-egally USING INTERNET  

Unique wifi names inspired by Harry Potter movies:

harry potter wifi names screenshot

The magical phenomena of harry potter movies are not only enjoyable but they just give us goosebumps.  The different stories shown in the harry potter movie series are unbelievable and interesting. We just can't think of denying to watch any harry potter movies. 

We know each and every movie of harry potter series has some secret story and they just take us to a magical world and we start to believe that we belong to that world.

We love to follow the style and attitude of our favorite characters in the movie. We love to live their life. We are so much fond of harry potter movies that whatever be the situation, we try to represent ourselves in a way as same as our favorite movie characters do. 

In our daily life also we try to relate in different situations with our favorite movie characters and replicate themselves. We are so fond of harry potter movie series that, we just name our favorite things after our favorite movie characters. 

    1. Maybe he’s left - said, Harry               
    2. I suppose she thinks you don't forget the PASSWORD           
    3. You haven't got a godfather's WI FI 
    4. I want to fix you in my memory forever       
    5. I can teach you how bandwidth fail 
    6. Have you ever seen network quite as pathetic
    7. Harry Ports Her Wi fi
    8. Harry Porter's, Wi fi Router
    9. Dumbldore's Slow Loader
    10. All-Bus Network Topology
    11. Her, Mine Net Is Very Fast
    12. Granger's Stranger Wi-fi
    13. Wi fi Of Voldemort, Mobile Doesn't Support
    14. Lord Of LAN, FREE SIGNAL
    15. Wi-fi Of My Daughter Dedicated To Harry Porter
    16. Harry's Wizards 
    17. Harry's Magical Wi fi Signal
    18. Hogwarts High Capacity LAN
    19. Net Of Severus Snape, You Need To Escape
    20. Draco Wi Mol Fi
    21. Longbottom Press Wi fi Menu
    22. We’ve All Got Both LAN AND DONGLE
    23. Sirius Black Net
    24. Phoenix Order Wi-fi
    25. WI FI Gets Weak As It Is Divided
    26. Goblet Of WI FI-RE
    27. My Net So Humble 
    28. Source Of Magic Wi fi
    29. Most Inexhaustible Lan
    30. Deathly Hallows
    31. Wifi Fail To Recognize You 
    32. Great Wi Fi In History
    33. If They Can Do NET, Why Not Us
    34. Half Bandwidth 
    35. Lan Love Good Wi-fi
    36. Net Working Hard Is Important
    37. Differences Of WIFI Habit
    38. Time Will Slow Down Net
    39. Go To The Library
    40. Chamber Of Secrets
    41. You Are Protected
    42. I Am What I Am
    43. We Must Try NET To Sink
    44. Darkest Of Wi-fi Times
    45. I Disconnected With Downloader 
    46. Wow, We’re Identical Wifi
    47. Wizarding World's Wi-fi
    48. Twitchy Little Lan
    49. Friendship And Bravery
    50. Numbing The LAN
    51. Wifi At The Chamber Of Secrets
    52. Wi-fi Which Makes You Flabbergasted 
    53. Mr. Weasley's Lan
    54. I'll Be In My Bedroom Using Wifi
    55. Loads More Than I Do-Wnload
    56. Hermione's Hotspot Network
    57. Join The Crowd
    58. Enchanted Barrier FOR WI FI
    59. Sharing Long Enough
    60. Lockhart'll Sign In The Network
    61. Fred And George Hovering The Wifi
    62. Wi fi Range Up to Down The Corridors
    63. Evil Wizard
    64. Wifi Of Slytherin
    65. Harry's In A Hurry To Use Net
    66. He Is Really Divine To Share Wi fi
    67. Mr. Moony Presents His Wifi
    68. Wormtail Hotspot
    69. Wi fi Of Wizard Prison
    70. Giant Wifi Marshmallow
    71. Pettigrew Hotspot
    72. Padfoot Network
    73. Professor Snape Wi fi
    74. King's Cross Connection
    75. Humongous Wifi
    76. Always So Complicated
    77. Professor Mcgonagall Wi fi
    78. Fire Bolt's Wi Fi
    79. I Will Caught The Snitch First
    80. Light And Dark Inside Router
    81. Wizards To Azkaban For Blowing Up Wifi
    82. It’s NET Much To Boast About
    83. Wi fi Password Is There In Page Number 394 
    84. Gryfindor Does Not Find Wifi For Free
    85. I'll Fix It Up With Wi-fi And Router
    86. Do You Know How To Use A Fellytone Net ?
    87. Highly Unusual WIFI In Many Ways
    88. Magical Creatures DONGLE
    89. Come To The Wrong CONNECTION
    90. You Can Exit Without Your Soul-Mate
    91. You’ll Just — Exit
    92. You Will Be Able To Save More Data
    93. Nasty Temper
    94. Superior Tone 
    95. This Wifi's Got Plenty Of Special Features
    96. Hagrid's Cabin's Wi-fi
    97. Insufferable Wi-fi
    98. Long Time, No NET

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Final Words: 

So far you have enjoyed wi-fi name collections from the Harry Potter movie series. The way you liked all the harry potter movies, we are pretty sure you have liked our wifi names collections the same. Did you feel like you were watching one of your favorite harry potter movie at the time of reading our harry potter wi-fi name collections? We are pretty sure that, you had a kind of experience. You must have traveled through the ferry tail where you saw all your favorite harry potter movie characters. You remembered all those famous dialogues of the movie which you used to copy in your childhood.

If you like our collection of harry potter wifi names, please share this article with your friends and let your friend find these collections.

Choose your favorite wifi name from the harry potter wifi name list and use it for your mobile hotspot or your home router and this will definitely attract your neighbor attention and it will give them a strong message about your interest in Harry Potter movies. This will also feel you superior as because you know your neighbor are going to get impressed by this. 

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