Best Wifi Names [2019] for your Router Network SSID

When it comes to the matter of choosing our wifi network names, we never compromise. We look for the best wifi names, which is suitable for the router network SSID. 

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We do not want to compromise in it, because we know, whatever name we use in our mobile wifi network or router network SSID, the same will also be reflected in our friends or neighbors device.

Best and Funny Wi fi Name 2019 for your router network SSID:

So we take this as an opportunity to showcase our thoughts towards the world, our friends, neighbors. We know that our neighbors and friends regularly use the wifi network in their phones or laptop and they often come across to the dashboard where all the network names are visible. 

That is why we are very cautious about the matter and we become very choosy while selecting wifi names for our router network SSID.

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Whatever thoughts are going on in our mind we want to express the same with our friends and what else can be the better medium than a wifi name. Wifi name gives you the opportunity to express your thoughts and views. 

We always keep on finding the way to express our talk of the mind. Go ahead and try this medium to express yourself to your friends and you will feel better.

If you are looking for the best geeky wifi names for your device, you have just been landed to the right portal. Please go ahead and check our wifi name collections and you will be amazed to see the innovative and secured wifi names and you also won’t be able to stop your lough while you will see the funniest wifi name collections. 

You can select and use these wifi names for your Smartphone or laptop and your friends are surely going to get jealous after seeing such good wifi names in your device and they would also like to imitate the same.

How to change the mobile hotspot name:

It is very simple to change or set your preferred network name and password for your mobile phone or tablet. Follow the below steps to change your hotspot network name.
mobile hotspot settings image
Step 1: Go to the settings of your smart-phone.
Step 2: Go to connections
Step 3: Go to Hotspot & Tethering
Step 4: Click on Portable WI FI hotspot set up
Step 5: Set your preferred Network Name and Password
Step 6: Click on the save button. Now you are all set to go…

Please find our collection of best wifi names for your router network SSID and let us know how did you like the same.

More collection of interesting and innovative wifi names:

Best Wifi Names for your Hotspot Network and Router Network:

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    1. Good Wifi
    2. Internet Hub
    3. Public Use
    4. Don't Use Me
    5. Use Me
    6. Get Out
    7. No Signal
    8. Hackers Hub
    9. Chargeable
    10. I Am Seeing You
    11. You Are Under Surveillance
    12. You Are Not Granted
    13. You Are Not Accepted
    14. User Restricted
    15. Password Is Secret
    16. Id Required
    17. Get Off My Network
    18. You Are Disgusting
    19. Don't Get Shy
    20. Don't Even Try
    21. Don't Even Think Of It
    22. I Was Looking For U
    23. Love You
    24. Be You
    25. Go For It
    26. Don't Hesitate
    27. Feel At Home
    28. Don't Be Shy
    29. Password Not Required
    30. You Don't Have The Password
    31. Hack Me If You Can
    32. It's Not Your Property
    33. Trespassers Will Be Punished
    34. You Are Not Welcome
    35. Welcome
    36. Don't Use It Too Much
    37. Use It Cautiously
    38. It's All Yours
    39. Go To Hell
    40. You Better Get Off From Here
    41. Better Luck Next Time
    42. You Are Not A Thief, Are You?
    43. Don't Cross Your Limit
    44. You Can't Do This
    45. Don't Try This One
    46. Cool Internet
    47. Back Off
    48. Bad Luck
    49. Sure Sure
    50. I Hope You Don't Mind
      girl smiling seeing best wifi names
    51. I Know What U Thinking
    52. Watch It
    53. Ask For My Permission
    54. Wifi Not Connected
    55. Fake Wi-Fi
    56. Your Data Will Be Lost
    57. Under Surveillance
    58. Wifi Is Under Maintenance
    59. Connect To The Unsecured Internet
    60. People's Pocket Internet
    61. Network Is Totally Unsecured
    62. Avoid This Wi Fi For The Sake Of Your Device
    63. All The Trespassers Will Be Disconnected Automatically
    64. Do Not Jump Into This Network
    65. Shared In Public Interest
    66. Free Free Free!
    67. Your Data May Not Be Secured
    68. Network Has Been Jammed
    69. Your Mobile Data Will Be Lost
    70. Once You Connect, Your Device Will Blast

Sorry to disturb you in between, actually we eagerly awaiting to know your thoughts and valuable review about our collection of wifi names. 

How did you feel after reading all these wifi names? Wasn't those names interesting? All the collections are very unique and we gave special attention to you our viewers' choice and interest.

Did you use any one of these wifi names in your router network SSID? Did you just try these names in your mobile or tablet PC? Please let us know by sending us your valuable feedback. Please continue reading the collection of wifi names below

Best and Funny WIFI Names Puns [2019] that best suits your router Network SSID:

    1. Your Name Will Be Registered
    2. Your Device Will Be Scanned
    3. Do Not Miss The Opportunity To Use Free Internet
    4. Your Daily Limit 200 Mb
    5. Use With Limited Virus
    6. Alert: Virus Attacked
    7. Incompetent Internet Connection
    8. Password Clue: Something You Don't Want In Your Phone
    9. Your Data Will Be Auto Erased
    10. Download Speed 1000 M B P S
      best wifi names
    11. Net Pack Finished 
    12. Don't Be Late, Else You Will Lose The NET
    13. You Are In My Radar
    14. Net Pack Will Be Recharged Tomorrow
    15. Wi Fi Baba
    16. Connection Failed
    17. You Are Probably The One Who Use My Net
    18. Night Network Service
    19. You Have To Enter The Password
    20. Enter The Password
    21. Do Not Enter The Wrong Password
    22. Password Clue: 6 Times Smallest Prime Number 
    23. Loading… Loading…. Loading….
    24. You, Will, Have To Wait For WI-FI
    25. Wi-Fi Is Under Maintenance
    26. WI-FI Failure Problem Is Common
    27. Use And Pay NET
    28. For Private Use Only
    29. This WI-FI Belongs To You
    30. This WI FI Has A Secret Issue
    31. This WI FI Will Never Stop
    32. First Come, First Serve Basis
    33. Hotspot Battery Is Very Low
    34. Any Time The WIFI Will Be Off
    35. After School WIFI
    36. Full Network Support
    37. 4G Connection @ 2G Price!
    38. Only 4G, Le Lo JI
    40. 4G Miter Is Down
    41. Why Are You Using 2G, When 4g Is Available Free Here
    42. 5G Is Coming Soon
    43. 5G Just Arrived
    44. Use Your First 5G
    45. Bandwidth Ka Baap
    46. Bandwidth Exceeded!
    47. Sharing Via Bluetooth
    48. Bluetooth Has Become Red
    49. Bluetooth Connection Issue Arising
    51. Please Connect, Do Not Neglect!
    52. Connect With Care!
    53. You Are Already Connected
    54. 10 Devices Are Already Connected
    55. One Hacker Has Recently Joined
    56. This Wifi Is Connected With POLICE STATION
    57. Connecting…………………….
    58. You Are Connecting To My Father's WI-FI
    59. You Are Connecting Without Any Protection
    60. You Are Connecting To Unsecured WI FI
    61. Slow Sleepy Connection
    62. Close Connection L.A.N
    63. 399 Datapack Recharge Karle Yara
    64. Datapack Finishing Soon…
    65. Datapack Recharge Unsuccessful
    66. Please Recharge My Number 149 DATAPACK
    67. Wifi Is Coming From Dad's Device
    68. All Devices Will Be Hot Soon
    69. All Devices Are Going to Get Virus
    70. Devices Are Using Unethical Net-connection
    71. All Devices Will Get A Virus Alert Soon.
    72. Data packets Will Be Sent To You Device Shortly…
    73. Disconnect Or Let Your Device Die!
    74. Disconnect Immediately To Protect Your Phone From Virus
    75. Please Disconnect While Not In Use
    76. This Dongle's Data Is Full Of Spyware
    77. Data From Dad's Dongle
    78. Data From This Dongle Downloads Deadliest
    79. Dongle Denies To Connect
    80. Daily Data From Dongle
    81. This Wifi Is Password Encrypted

Best Wifi Network Names (SSID names) for Your Shop:

Here we have collected some of the best wifi names best suitable for your shop. People who are pretty active online and keeps on looking for wifi connection may come across to your wifi name and thereby they will be able to know about your shop. 

girl see best wifi names

You can also use the name of your shop in the wifi name and it is going to be a free marketing tool for your shop as well. Go ahead and check out the below names and if you have any suggestions, you can leave a comment in the comment section.

    1. Wifi 4 SHOP       
    2. My shop @ 4G SPEED    
    3. Wifi @ Max travel solutions        
    4. SALE GOING ON              
    5. WINTER SALE    
    7. 50% OFF ON ALL GARMENTS     
    8. SUMMER'S Kitchen        
    9. Shop at Swipe  
    10. Shoppers Mela
    11. Shop se sasta deal          
    12. Tea Shop Tethering        
    13. Wifi @ Wemens Fashion              
    14. Central Market Shop     
    15. Shopping Corner             
    16. 4G Ka Tarka @ rup da dhaba      
    17. Desi tarka and 4G Tagra
    18. Makke di roti aur sorso di sag @ wifi dhaba         
    19. Sona Sweets (Free wifi)               
    20. It's Komal's Shop             
    21. It's Randhir's Shop          
    22. Yo mara dukan se (Wifi available not for Free)   
    23. Friends Corner 5G Speed            
    24. Matchmaking BandBaja Sharing unlimited Bandwidth    
    25. Bandwidth at Band Baja               
    26. Biriyani and Bandwidth 
    27. Bangle and Bandwidth  
    28. Total Tooth Dental Clinic Bluetooth         
    29. Shop For Sale    
    30. Pan Dukan Dongle          

Best Funny Wifi Names Suggestions for Cafe:

The cafe is the place people usually go to hang out with their friends. A cafe is a cool place for youngsters and the place is very important to them.

People do party, play music and do a lot more stuff while they visit a cafe and they also use the internet while sitting in the cafe in order to do social networking or maybe some other internet activity.

When people look for free wifi facility of the cafe, they might come across some of the really cool and best wifi names. These wifi names are so cool that people keep on looking them again and again.

    1. 50% Discount on Drinks
    2. Ask the manager for the wifi password         
    3. Be our guest     
    4. Café + GF = Enjoy your Date      
    5. Café Coffee and Snacks               
    6. College ka last din           
    7. Come again, please         
    8. Cool Café Corner             
    9. Dosti Yari aur WIFI = FULL FUN  
    10. Free Wifi available here               
    11. Friends + Wi Fi = All is well           
    12. Friends ho tho life is cool             
    13. Friends Ke saath Free wifi ka maja luto 
    14. Friends ke saath Life is so cool   
    15. Friendship For Ever        
    16. Friendship main No Sorry, No Thank u   
    17. How may I help you, Madam       
    18. How may I help you, Sir  
    19. Life is so boring without friends             
    20. Missing my school days             
    21. Password will be served with your order              
    22. Please call the waiter    
    23. Please do not hesitate to call the waiter again and again               
    24. Please enjoy Sir and Madam      
    25. Please enjoy your time here      
    26. Please have fun               
    27. Please use our free wifi service
    28. Sale Dost ko thank u bolta hain 
    29. Smoking not allowed here          
    30. Thank you for choosing our café              
    31. Thank you for visiting us              
    32. This café belongs to Mr.Data     
    33. This is so cool place…     
    34. Today's Special Menu: Chocolate Muffin             
    35. The waiter is waiting to serve you   
    36. We care for your privacy              
    37. We care for your requirement  
    38. Welcome you all at our café       
    39. Wifi is free for Regular customers only  
    40. Yaroon…Dosti….Wifi…..GF……Life….Cool….Fun….              
    41. You and Your Girlfriend is our special guest         
    42. You are cordially welcome          
    43. You are most valuable to us       
    44. You are our esteemed customer             
    45. You are special
    46. You are welcome here 
    47. You are your friends are welcome here
    48. You came here, it's our pleasure              
    49. You can celebrate your friend's birthday party here        
    50. You do not have to pay for Toilet              

Best and Top Wifi Names for your home which will shock your neighbors:

You can use some of our best and funniest wifi names at your home router and your neighbors are surely going to get enjoyed after reading those wifi names. Your thoughtfulness and innovative ideas will appear to your neighbors and they will get to know about you more.

You can even shock your neighbors by showing some of the really shocking wifi names as mentioned below. Please do not use any insulting or abusive words or phrases.

    1. All wifi in this are is infected       
    2. Bad Network: 404 Error               
    3. Come home, tomorrow baby     
    4. Don't use this Network
    5. Free Paid Network         
    6. High-level encryption    
    7. I have fallen in love with you          
    8. I love your voice              
    9. I will see you tomorrow              
    10. Insufficient data available           
    11. It uses drone technology             
    12. Last night you were looking stunning     
    13. Loading and Loading and Loading….          
    14. Local Area neighborhood WIFI               
    15. Malware detected         
    16. Network Busy  
    17. Network connection failure       
    18. Never use this network               
    19. Password protected Network   
    20. Poor Network Quality   
    21. Security threat detected             
    22. Share with care
    23. The network is under threat      
    24. This is not for free          
    25. This is very old wifi         
    26. This net has been shared for someone special  
    27. This wifi is chargeable      
    28. This wifi is dedicated to you       
    29. This wifi is Haunted        
    30. This wifi may have a virus               
    31. This wifi owner is a POLICEMAN               
    32. Use your dad's wifi         
    33. Virus Scan Failed             
    34. Will you be my friend    
    35. Will you go on a date with me   
    36. Wireless security activated         
    37. You can't use my network             
    38. You are my biggest crush             
    39. You are so handsome   
    40. You are so sweet            
    41. You can not connect to this network      
    42. You can not use this       
    43. You have no right to use it             
    44. You look stunning           
    45. You pay first then use   
    46. You seem to have a bad network            
    47. You were looking beautiful yesterday  
    48. Your connection is secure      

The Office Wifi Names - Best and funniest Wifi Router Names for Office:

Please find our collection of best wifi names. These wifi names are very unique. These wifi names are best suited for use in office router and hotspot devices. 

best wifi names for office

    1. Be focused at your JOB
    2. Be Nice and Be KIND     
    3. Boss is watching you…  
    4. Buck up Team! You can achieve the targets          
    5. Come to the office with a positive attitude     
    6. Complete the task before the deadline        
    7. Diwali Bonus will be ANNOUNCED SOON…..       
    8. Do not use for personal purposes             
    9. Don't be late at the office   
    10. Don't let your pending tasks get piled on             
    11. Enjoy your probation period      
    12. Enjoy your Sunday         
    13. Enjoy your work              
    14. Finish your task quickly 
    15. For official use only        
    16. Happy Diwali to all of you            
    17. Help your subordinates
    18. Keep emotion, but do not work emotionally      
    19. Keep eyes on your deadlines    
    20. Keep smiling and don't let your boss down         
    21. Keep your cool 
    22. Learn from your superior            
    23. Love your task  
    24. Loving your work will help you grow       
    25. Lunch break is from 1:30 to 2:30 pm        
    26. Maintain some dignity in the office         
    27. Manage your desk passionately               
    28. The office is gonna be closed tomorrow          
    29. Only for office use          
    30. Permanent employees will guide the interns     
    31. Please attend the meeting tomorrow   
    32. Please enjoy your task 
    33. Please keep your workplace neat and clean       
    34. Please maintain the dress code
    35. Please remember your deadline              
    36. Please switch off the computer before leaving 
    37. Please work with passion            
    38. Salary will be on 30th     
    39. Smoking is not allowed at the workplace      
    40. Social Networking is banned at the office            
    41. This wifi is for official phones     
    42. Tomorrow will be off for Diwali Festival
    43. Welcome interns, all the best for your internship         
    44. When you enjoy the task, you grow a passion      
    45. You are under CCTV surveillance              
    46. You have to deliver on 21st        
    47. You must enter the office before 10 am               
    48. You should be punctual
    49. You should work passionately   
    50. You are the  strength of this organization            

Best Wifi Names (Wireless network name) for Club:

A club is a place to get together and spend some good time with your friends. After long tiring working hours, people normally go to a club and spend some time.

best wifi names for club

Club members often use the internet connection and they use wifi or hotspot router. They just choose funny names of wifi for their router network SSID.

    1. The annual meeting is on 24th          
    2. Children's day special: Seat and Draw Competition    
    3. The club is open from 6 to 10 pm     
    4. Don't do mischief activities inside the club   
    5. Don't lose your dignity and self-respect
    6. Enjoy your time at the club         
    7. Festival meeting will be on Sunday         
    8. For Club Member's use only      
    9. Forget the failure and move on
    10. Gaming equipment is coming soon…      
    11. Happy Holi Festival         
    12. Happy valentine's day   
    13. Hip Hip Hurray  
    14. Independence day flag hosting will be at 7:00 am       
    15. Join the Club: Free Membership             
    16. Join the club for wifi      
    17. Lead guitarist required on urgent basis 
    18. Let's be focused on our goal      
    19. Let's play carom board today     
    20. Let's play football            
    21. Membership renewal date coming soon…           
    22. The music fest is on 31st, please join the fest             
    23. Music is our passion       
    24. Please keep the club premises neat and tidy              
    25. Report any suspicious activity    
    26. Smoking is not allowed inside the club  
    27. Team spirit is essential to win a game        
    28. This is not a laughing club            
    29. This year's festival theme is Love             
    30. Today's activity: Donation collection for welfare          
    31. Today's activity: Subscription collection for Durga Puja  
    32. We are the best out of best 
    33. We will win the match…!             
    34. Welcome Junior Members         
    35. Yes, we won the inter-club cricket tournament 
    36. You must have a sporting spirit     

Best Wifi Names (Funny SSID Names) for Gymnasium:

The gym is the place to work out and keep yourself feet and healthy. The use of best and funny wifi names in the gymnasium is no new thing. People who come to the gym regularly, often use the internet and they might use the gym wifi. Gym instructor often uses the tool as a notice board.

When the gym members see the message in the form of wifi names addressed to them for their betterment, they just get motivated.
    1. Best Equipment & Best Trainers Make us No. 1               
    2. Buck up guys!  
    3. Cables and Pulleys, tie your shoeless    
    4. Daily Gyming = Healthy Living    
    5. Dipping Bars, obesity is a curse
    6. Don't be a dump, use Dumbbell
    7. Don't do chit chat            
    8. Don't let your tummy say hi to everyone             
    9. Don't waste your time  
    10. Everyday Gym = Good body = Impress GF           
    11. First Make your diet chart             
    12. Fish and Chicken, don't let your bones get weaken         
    13. Forget your X and do Barbell Bench Press            
    14. Get up early in the morning       
    15. Girls like 6 pack abs        
    16. Good Training Grooms You         
    17. Gym + no wifi = 100% result       
    18. Gym + wifi = No result  
    19. Gym = Good Body = Impress GF              
    20. Gym opens at 6 am        
    21. Gyming is very good for health 
    22. Hard work is the key to success 
    23. Have healthy food every day       
    24. Impress girls with your 6 pack abs            
    25. Incline Bench, won't you press 
    26. Keep doing exercise every day   
    27. Less Whatsapp = 6 pack abs       
    28. Lose weight in 2 months           
    29. Love gym => GF loves you          
    30. Milk and Eggs, Strengthen your legs       
    31. Monitor your weight regularly  
    32. Never fail, in Barbell      
    33. New gyming equipment coming soon.               
    34. No Pain no gain
    35. No use of wifi during treadmill  
    36. No wifi only gym             
    37. Please come to the gym every day   
    38. Pull up Bar, Mat chor Na Yaar     
    39. Put your tummy inside and keep breathing        
    40. Say Yes, to Bench Press
    41. Spinach and Nut, keep a healthy heart     
    42. Use equipment alternatively   
    43. We truly believe in hard work    
    44. Weight loose and then Net use
    45. Welcome to Evening Gym           
    46. Welcome to Morning Gym         
    47. Why wifi inside the gym       
    48. Wifi passwords only after 100 push ups
    49. You love her and Elliptical Trainer             
    50. You should love doing exercise 
    51. You should not give up  

Keeping an innovative and funny wifi name is a very cool thing. There was less popularity of such cool stuff earlier, but nowadays an increasing number of people are choosing this and they are taking this as their priority. 

As soon as someone owes a new Smartphone or Router or PC, they just try to keep a cool name of their router/hotspot network. They want people to see the name on their devices and thus it has become a trend amongst us. 

free best wifi names

As long as the message or words which are being used in the hotspot name or router name are not hurting someone’s feeling or those do not appear to be abusive, this practice of using cool and funny wifi names are really good and everyone tends to enjoy the epic thing.

Final words: Thank you very much for choosing our blog for your wifi name solutions. We hope you have liked our wifi name collections and you will again visit our blog. If you have any suggesting or query you are welcome to contact us.

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