Clever WIFI names - 2019 [Best Collections]

In order to provide a name to the wireless network, we keep on looking for many innovative words and phrases. Clever words form clever wifi names. Besides funny and cool wifi nameclever wifi names are also very popular amongst the users.

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Clever wifi names denote using of some clever and cool words or phrases as the wifi names. When you start using such clever words or phrases as the WI FI names for your router or mobile hotspot, you suddenly become very popular among your friends. 

As long as you continue to use such clever wifi names, a lot of your friends and neighbors will be seeing your WI FIF name and many of them will appreciate the same. They will also be able to know about your creativeness and artistic thoughts.

List of clever wifi names for your mobile and router network SSID:

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    1. WI FI House
    2. WI-FI Matters
    3. No Internet
    4. 404 Error
    5. Error Found
    6. Could Not Be Connected!
    7. I Can See You
    8. You Will Be Traced
    9. Your System Will Be Hacked
    10. This Is Not Your WI FI
    11. Do Your Own Business
    12. Dare Not You Try This Again
    13. You Won't Be Spared
    14. You Are So Pretty
    15. Rock N Roll
    16. You Are Awesome
    17. You Are Gorgeous
    18. I Will Never Forgive You
    19. I Can't Forget Your Face
    20. Abbe Ye Kya Tera Baap Ka Mal Hain
    21. Jio Le Le Bhai
    22. Net Pack Ta Recharge Kora
    23. Digital WI FI
    24. WI-FI Service
    25. I Don't Give A Damn
    26. Frankly Use
    27. Gone With The WI-FI
    28. May The Force Be With You
    29. Wizard Of Ozz
    30. Net Pack Khatam Ho Gaya
    31. Data Overloaded
    32. Data Flowing
    33. Net Le Lo Net
    34. Danger Data
    35. WI FI Sucks
    36. Balance Khatam Ho Gaya
    37. Netpack Finished
    38. Are Ja Na Yaar
    39. Khud Ka Net Use Karo
    40. 399 Recharge
    41. Virus Overloaded
    42. Virus Sucks
    43. Virus Chahiye Kya
    44. Virus Chahiye To Connect Karo
    45. Connect If You Need Virus
    46. Load Slowly
    47. Loading Sucks
    48. Dukhi Internet
    49. Very Fast
    50. Prime Pack
      girl smiling on clever wifi names
    51. Recharge Fast
    52. Kabtak Dusroka Net Use Karega Sale
    53. You Are Under Surveillance
    54. Your All Data Belongs To Me
    55. If You Enter, You Will Not Be Able To Disconnect
    56. Password Is Your Mobile Number
    57. As Soon As You Connect, You Will Get A Call
    58. Enter Your Mail Id And Click On Verification Link Sent To You.
    59. You Are About To Choose The Right Network
    60. Your Time Is Over
    61. Come Again Later
    62. Do NET, USE WI FI
    63. Friends Hi5 ! Don't Use My WI FI
    64. My Wife Is Using My Dongle
    65. This WI FI Creates Connection Between Me And You
    66. WI FI Behaving Abnormally
    67. When You Use, You Are Bound To Pay
    68. Trust Issue Occurred
    69. Uploading Fast, Downloading Slow
    70. All Your Money Will Be Uploaded
    71. IB's Are Tracking This Network
    72. I Got Your Number
    73. If You Love Me, Change Your WI-FI Name I♡U
    74. Love Is WI-FI Sharing
    75. Password Is No Password
    76. Use This WI-FI Only If You Do Not Love Your Device
    77. Very Slow Net, So Downloading Late

Why should we use clever wifi names for our router network or Mobile hotspot:

girl seeing clever wifi names

The WI-FI names that we use are visible to the surrounding people and we do not want to let this opportunity go to showcase our thoughts. Clever Wifi name shows the attitude of a person. The attitude you carry can be enhanced by clever and cool activity and thereby you will be liked by more people.

Cleverness in the mind and cool attitude portray the image of a person and other people tends to follow him or her. It helps grow your popularity. Your personality will be showcased through such clever wifi names that you have selected.

More clever wifi names collections for your Mobile hotspot:

image of clever wifi name list

    1. Your Device Is Incompatible With This Version Of WI-FI
    2. Your Device Does Not Support This WI-FI
    3. Your Device's WI FI Is Not Working
    4. Your Device Has A Technical Issue
    5. You Missed The Opportunity Of Using Free Wi-fi
    6. Free Wi-fi Is No More Available
    7. Your Name Is Visible
    8. Your Smartphone Data Will Be Made Public
    9. Hotspot Device Has Broken Link
    10. Your Connection Is Not Secured
    11. 2 Person At A Time Please
    12. Please Keep Your Devices Outside
    13. Enter Your Phone Number, You Will Get An OTP
    14. Do Not Forget To Disconnect
    15. For God Sake, Please Do Not Connect For Lifetime
    16. Connect And Search Constructive
    17. Lag Ja Gale Ki Phir Ye Hasi Raat Ho Na Ho
    18. Free Net Only For Paid Users
    19. You Are Welcome, Only If You Come Well In Paying
    20. Data Is Being Released, Catch It
    21. You Have To Enter The Password In One Go
    22. Password Is Not required
    23. Do Not Enter Without Permission
    24. You Have To Take Special Permission From Me
    25. You Got To Be Punctual In Using The Internet
    26. You Can Not Enter Easily
    27. You Have To Obey The Rules Of This Wi-fi
    28. We Believe You Won't Spam
    29. Do Not Take This Wi-fi For Granted
    30. Pay And Use Wi-fi
    31. No Desktop Or Laptop Is Allowed To Enter The Network
    32. Only For Mobile Device
    33. Your Messages Will Be Read
    34. If You Have Self Respect, You Will Not Use This Wi-fi For Free
    35. I Will Come To You And Give You The Password Personally
    36. Enter Your Number, I Will Text You The Password
    37. Wi fi Is Unable To Take Any More Traffic
    38. Already 10 Person Are Using, So Download Speed Is Dam Slow
    39. Please Do Not Ask For Password
    40. You Have To Be Patient
    41. Made In India Wi fi
    42. First 5g In Use 
    43. This Wi fi Needs Access To Your Contacts
    44. Use Wi-fi On Loan Basis
    45. Take 100 Mb Wi-fi Loan
    46. My Wi Is Fi-Ne
    47. Your Device Is Too Outdated
    48. This Wi-fi Collects All Your Mobile Configuration Details
    49. You Can Download Maximum 2 Songs
    50. This Wi-fi Will Be Off For Two Days
    51. Wifi Supply Interrupted
    52. Only 18+ Are Allowed To Use This Wi-fi
    53. Please Wait For My Permission
    54. This Wi fi Has A Serious Issue
    55. You Have Got To Leave This Network
    56. Your Personal Details Will Be Visible To Everyone
    57. You Can Not Use The Network Unless You Subscribe
    58. You Have My Permission To Let This Wi-fi Go
    59. You Better Leave This Wi-fi
    60. This Wifi Is Visible For A While Only
    61. WI FI From Person Walking On The Street
    62. Why Fight For This WI FI
    63. Wifi Is FREE Only For Three
    64. Pay Per Hour Because Wifi Is Our
    65. Don't Enter The Wifi Because Security Is High Fi
    66. Router Is Near, Need Not To Fear
    67. Signal Strength Is Weak, It Will Take To Recover 2 Week
    68. Using My LAN Unlimited Download You Can
    69. Don't Enter The Password Wrong, It's 6 Characters Long
    70. If You Give Money, Wif Is All Yours Honey
    71. With Morning Tea, Use The Wifi For Free
    72. Net Is Slow, So Data Will Not Flow
    73. Router, Hotspot, And LAN, Nothing Is Working As Planned
    74. If You Use For Free, Wifi Owner Will Get Angry
    75. Don't Use This LAN, Cause Wifi Owner Is An Angry Young MAN
    76. Using MY Wifi For Free, I Don't Agree
    77. Don't Come, Here Again, Every Now And Then
    78. LAN Is Very Slow, So You May Now Go
    79. Availability Of Less Data, Use In Pro Rata
    80. Tower Is Not Showing, You May Get Going
    81. Honey Is Using My Wifi Cause She Never Gets Shy
    82. You Find Your LAN Because This Wifi Is Ban
    83. Wifi At 4G Speed, You Will Get Indeed 
    84. Super Sonic Speed, Don't Do Misdeed
    85. Dedicated LAN, Not For Your Man
    86. Net Is Very Fast, So Your Engagement Is Must
    87. If You Establish A Connection, We Have No Objection
    88. Grow Your Knowledge, Using Wifi At College
    89. My Data Is Flowing, Users Are Happy And Get going
    90. You And Me, Let's Do Wifi For Free
    91. You Give Me Love, I Will Share You Data Enough
    92. If You Love Me, Data Is Free Free & Free
    93. This Hotspot, Shares Data A Lot
    94. Don't Exceed The Data Limit, You Do Not Have Permit
    95. Your Data Limit Is Over, Next Person Can Takeover
    96. I Share This Net, For You And Your Team Mate
    97. I Love To Share Because I Care
    98. One Cup Of Tea & Wifi Is Free Free Free
    99. Wifi Is Here, Use It Or Not I Do Not Care
    100. When Data Is No More, Don't Get So Bored

When we use such clever wifi names in our mobile hotspot or wifi router, we become very excited and we keep on waiting to get some appreciation messages from our friends or family for those innovative and best wifi names. When we get any appreciation from our loved ones, we normally get motivated and we tend to practice more such cool and funky stuff.

The funny part about the using of clever wifi names:

When we use clever wifi names we generally use double meaning words and we tend to use such words or phrases and give some message to the viewers of the wifi name. We expect the viewer to read the wifi name and understand the inner meaning of the wifi name.
Although the wifi names have been constructed with words having no direct meaning but the inner meaning may be cleverly used and once the wifi name will be visible to the audience, they will not only get enjoyment but that will make them feel good.

Final Words: Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you have liked our content and we request you to please share this article with your friends and help your friends find this awesome clever wifi names article. 

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