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Naming Wifi is a website where you can find lots of collections of wifi names for your router network SSID.

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This website is a stock of funny, interesting, cool, clever, nerdy, all kinds of innovative wifi names. You need not go elsewhere to find your ideal wifi name. Now, it has become a trend keeping funny wifi names. 

Whenever you turn on your phone’s or Laptop’s wifi button, you can see plenty number of funny and interesting wifi names. 

Some of the wifi names may not be having any specific meaning, but you do not bother to know the real reason behind such wifi name, because you know, when people start finding wifi names, they can go any beyond and select any kind of bizarre name doesn’t matter whether the wifi name is having any constructive meaning.


The wifi names that are mentioned on this website are very new and you won’t get those anywhere else. We have a collection of wifi names based on various famous tv shows and movies. 

You will get the best of the best wifi names from our website. You will also get the funny wifi name puns in our portal. Wifi names for shop, office, gym, club, etc. are the latest collection. Altogether we can say, you won’t get tired of reading our collections.


Please go ahead and select your favorite wifi name from the huge collection and please do not forget to share the article with your friends and family.