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Cool Wifi Names – 100% Unique Collections [2019]

Cool wifi names are something people are willing to use in their router network or mobile hotspot network. We always want to show our coolness. Maybe it is dressing code or carrying a smartphone coolness has to be overloaded.

Check out our cool collection of wifi names, which are going to amaze you and we truly believe you are surely going to use one of these wi-fi names in your mobile hotspot or router network SSID.

Collection of more cool and funniest wi-fi names:


Cool WIFI names for your router or hotspot network:

There are attractions of people toward cool things. Using cool stuff increases the confidence of a person. When we see some cool stuff, we also try to do the same thing or want to own the same cool stuff for us.

When we give the wi-fi names, we normally put our name or our pet’s name, but beyond it, we have a great collection of wi-fi names, which you can definitely us for your router network SSID.


    1. You Need My Permission
    2. Only Girls Are Allowed
    3. Only Boys Are Allowed
    4. What Are You Doing Here
    5. I Love You
    6. This Is For You
    7. You Wanna Use It
    8. This Is Not For You
    9. I Miss You
    10. You Are Too Lucky
    11. Grab It
    12. Just Grab It
    13. Dare Not You Use This
    14. Damn You
    15. Do You Have The Guts
    16. You Don’t Have The Guts
    17. Do You Have The Password
    18. This Is Only For Her
    19. Not For You
    20. Get Out Of My Network
    21. Get The Hell Out Of Here
    22. Mai Kya Yaha Dharamshala Khol Rakha Hain
    23. Wi-fi Hub
    24. Wi-fi Baba
    25. Loot Lo

Cool WIFI Names for your Mobile Hotspot:

    1. Loot Ke Le Lo
    2. Jaldi Connect Kar Na Yar
    3. Amar Ta Use Koris Na
    4. Tor Babar Ta Use Kor
    5. F**K You
    6. I Want To K**S You
    7. You Are Lucky
    8. You Are Damn Beautiful
    9. I Saw You Today
    10. U Were Looking Beautiful
    11. It’s A Beautiful Day
    12. I Wanna Hug You
    13. Are U There
    14. Don’t Mess With Me
    15. Don’t Miss The Opportunity
    16. Abbe Nikal
    17. Ghusna Mat Phirse
    18. Don’t Enter Again
    19. Abe Password Kaha Se Mila Tujhe
    20. Password Is I Love You
    21. Le Le Le Le Le Le Le, Le Le Tu Le Le Re
    22. Phir Se Aa Gaya Tu
    23. Will U Be There For Me Forever
    24. After You
    25. Age No Bar

Cool and Funny wi-fi names for your Mobile Network:

cool wifi names screenshot
You use your mobile hotspot almost every day. Don’t you think you should have a cool name for your hotspot network? If you ever feel of having a cool and unique wi-fi name for your mobile hotspot, you are always welcome to your website and choose your favorite wi-fi names.  
    1. Females Are Only Welcome
    2. Tu Jio Leta Kue Nehi
    3. Ghuske Dikha
    4. I Know You Use My Net Every Day
    5. Chuna Mat
    6. Password Mere Pass Hain
    7. Night Pack
    8. Not For Sale
    9. 10 Rupees Per Hour
    10. Hi Neighbours
    11. O Behen Kal Ana
    12. Virus Alert
    13. Dirty Net
    14. Virus Affected
    15. Virus Found
    16. Be My Guest
    17. Virus Home Delivery
    18. Touch Me Not
    19. Don’t Touch Me
    20. Wi fi On Sell
    21. Connect Me
    22. Cool Wi fi
    23. I Was Waiting For You Only
    24. You Look Like A Beautiful Prince
    25. Coolness Overloaded
    26. You Are Gonna Be Charged
    27. This Is Not Your Property
    28. Don’t Push It 
    29. Enter The Dragon’s Network
    30. This Is My Sweetheart’s WI FI
    31. Public Property 
    32. Only My Friends Are Allowed
    33. Here I Charge $10 Per Hour
    34. Secret Network Connection
    35. Network Having Many Bugs
    36. Wi fi For Only My Wife
    37. Your Wife Is Using My Wi fi
    38. The Departed Wi fi
    39. Wi Estern Fi Ront
    40. Big Lan Owski
    41. Crashed Connection
    42. Wi Big Fi _Sh
    43. Dark Hour’s Net
    44. Lan Go
    45. Limitless Wifi
    46. Wi Pulp Fi _Ction
    47. Mean Girl’s Network
    48. Dumb And Dumbest Slow
    49. Old School’s Lan
    50. The Furious Wifi


Cool and Best Network Names for your Router Network SSID:

We often call our friend’s group name as the cool group, in fact, the coolest group among all groups. We use cool stuff like cool phones, we wear cool sunglasses, we ride cool bikes, we wear cool dresses and many more. 

friends enjoying cool wifi names

When we are with our group, we try to showcase our coolness in front of other cool members. When other group members find our accessories cool, they also try to imitate the same style item and want to become the coolest.

Cool wifi names are also one of those things. Please check out more wifi names below, which are not only cool but very unique as well.  
    1. Ghostbusters’ Lan
    2. Bad Boys Network
    3. Lord Of Wifi
    4. Unknown Connection
    5. Empire Of The Lan
    6. Animal Cracker
    7. North Face Router
    8. Iron Lan 2
    9. Good Will Lan
    10. Taxi Drivers’ Network
    11. Hotspot Fuzz
    12. Lan In Office Space
    13. The Terminator Of Wifi Virus
    14. The Network Terminal
    15. Lan Of The White Castle
    16. Trading Place Wifi
    17. Work From Home Wifi
    18. Perfect Wifi
    19. Serious Man Needs Wifi
    20. Kids Wifi
    21. The third Man Using Wifi
    22. Midnight Express Network
    23. Man Standing For Wifi
    24. Boys And The Good Wifi
    25. Network Gone For Perfect Storm
    26. Casino Wifi
    27. Silence Of The Lan
    28. Superbad Hotspot
    29. Fresh Wifi
    30. Beat Street’s Router
    31. Wirififi
    32. One Man Bandwidth
    33. 1gb For A Few Dollars More
    34. Lifted Connection
    35. Network’s Midnight Run
    36. Net Comes After Hours
    37. Anonymous Network
    38. Quiz Show’s Lan
    39. 2010 Pixels 
    40. Devil’s Connection
    41. Network At The Breakfast’s Club
    42. Group Of Sweet Sixteens’
    43. Oldboy Wifi
    44. Hot Spotless Mind
    45. The 2000 Year Old Lan
    46. Meaning Of Life Without Net
    47. The Details Of SSID
    48. Free Wifi For True Romance 
    49. Lan 4
    50. Use Net 4 Hours Desperately


Best and Cool Wifi names for your Mobile hotspot:

cool wifi heart gif
Cool mobile phones are the latest trends. Everyone is moving around is carrying a cool smartphone. The mobile hotspot being shared from those phones are also carrying cool tags. We, who are using a mobile hotspot, know that our hotspot names will be visible to the world and we never missed this opportunity and took this as a tool of showcasing our personality.
    1. …No Lines
    2. O_Ssid 117: Connection, Net Of Hotspot
    3. Network For The Celebration 
    4. Butterflies Wifi Network
    5. The Data Saviour
    6. The Substitute Lan
    7. Wall Street Lan
    8. Rain Lan
    9. Wifi Of Tomorrow
    10. Citizen Lan
    11. Night Of The Network Hunter
    12. Night Gugol Crawler
    13. The Founder Of Lan
    14. 8 And Half Hour Lasts
    15. Password Is Not Password
    16. Can’t Guess The Password?
    17. Don’t You Expect Me To…
    18. Dabba Hain Ye Network
    19. Signal Strength Week
    20. Wireless Not_Work 
    21. Sharing Centre
    22. Internet Access Denied
    23. Wifi Denied Access
    24. Android Phone Wifi
    25. Signal Strength Fare
    26. Signal Strength Excellent
    27. No Tower In My Phone
    28. Hotspot Signal Red
    29. Happy Birthday To You
    30. Challenge Accepted
    31. You Are My Crush
    32. College’s First Day
    33. Welcome Freshers
    34. Ragging Is Not Allowed
    35. Respect Your Teachers
    36. Respect Your Professor
    37. Bunking Hours
    38. For Bunking Fellows
    39. Right To Information
    40. Canteen Club
    41. Join Mass Communication
    42. You Are A Looser
    43. I Fall In Love With You
    44. Proud To Be At Mechanical
    45. I Wanna Walk With You
    46. You Are My Love 
    47. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
    48. I Wanna Be Your Friend
    49. Don’t Miss The Lecture
    50. Why Didn’t You Come Yesterday


Cool Wifi Names For your Router Network [Unique & Latest]:

From our school days, we were fond off cool stuff. We were fond of cool school bags, we demanded cool video games, we used cool spikes, etc. Even now when we are quite grown up, we still love to use cool funky stuff. Cool wifi names are one of those things.
Please check out our latest cool wifi names collections and use it in your router network or mobile hotspot network.
    1. I Was Waiting For You
    2. Vote For Your Choice
    3. Student Election Rocks
    4. 3rd Year Mechanical
    5. Copy Cat
    6. Don’t Bring Arrogance At College
    7. Let’s Be Friends
    8. We Are Friends Forever
    9. Friendship Rocks
    10. First Love
    11. Will You Be My Valentine
    12. You Are The Prettiest Lady
    13. Friends Forever
    14. See You At The Canteen
    15. Port_To_Jio
    16. Password Hacked
    17. System Crashed
    18. Lots Of Virus
    19. Virus Detected
    20. Kab Tak Free Ka Net Dhundta Rahega
    21. Free Ka Mal Samza Hain Kya
    22. Access Denied
    23. You, Will, Be Hacked
    24. Theft Is Punishable Offence
    25. Don’t Be Greedy
    26. Be Aware Of It Act
    27. Information Technology Act, 2000
    28. Theft Of Net Is Punishable Offence
    29. Why You Hacking
    30. I Am Handsome Hunk
    31. Awaiting Your Response
    32. I Can Feel You
    33. You Love Me?
    34. Free Net Bank
    35. Net Supply Dept.
    36. Handsome Guy’s Net
    37. Net Supply Stopped
    38. Please Recharge My Number
    39. Net Supply Stopped For Unknown Reason
    40. Prime Member
    41. Net Overflowing
    42. 399 Recharge Nehi Kiya Kya
    43. Apply Couple: Freekamal
    44. Password Expired
    45. 500 Mb Data Left
    46. Ask For Password
    47. Call Me For The Password
    48. Password Is U
    49. Network Failure
    50. Heavy Traffic
    51. Network Jam
    52. Hotspot Crashed
    53. Please Don’t Download Image
    54. Only For Fb
    55. Plz Back Off
    56. You Owe Me A Trick
    57. Be Nice
    58. Only For Family Use
    59. Outsiders Are Not Allowed
    60. Membership Compulsory
    61. Membership Fee Rs.5
    65. I DO NET, LOVE YOU…

Final Words: 

Cool and funny wifi names are being used more increasingly nowadays. People are more being fond of such practices. Keeping in mind the increasing popularity of cool and funny wifi name we have created this article and we are in a hope that all our collections of cool wifi names are going to be liked by our article visitors.

At the end of this article, we would like to request, if you have liked our article please share this with your friends and colleagues and help others find this. Thank you very much for your support and love.

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