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Best 99+ Collection of Geeky Wifi Names [2019]

It has become a fashion now to keep funny and interesting wifi names. The wifi names that appear by default in our phone or router are not so cool and those do not grab anyone’s attention.


In order to grab the attention of others, you may use geeky wifi names. The Geeky wifi names are used in prank cases and people enjoy the same a lot. If your neighbors see those geeky wifi names which you normally use in your wifi network, they will just be shocked and your friends will also be laughing at the same and they will love to use the same wifi name in their phones and routers as well.

We have provided below a list of comprehensively collected geeky wifi names. All the wifi names are very unique and interesting. I hope you will like these wifi names and you would use one of these wifi names for your router network SSID or mobile hotspot network.
The use of the internet is being increased day by day. In many public places like shopping malls or railway stations, wifi is being shared free of cost. If you find wifi nearby at free of cost, you would love to connect the network and do the needful task.  The increasing use of the internet makes people more familiar with the internet and mobile technology.
If you find cool wifi names in your friend’s network, you would defiantly ask him about the wifi name. Similarly, your geeky wifi names will also be loved and appreciated by your friends.

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More collection of Latest wifi names for your mobile and router Network:


List of latest geeky wifi names for your router network SSID:

      1. You Are Stealing My Internet
      2. You Have Zero Authorization
      3. Get The Authorization Letter First
      4. Loose Internet
      5. Myself Internet Man
      6. You Are Restricted
      7. You Are Not Authorized To Do
      8. My Internet Is Stealing Your Data
      9. I Owe You LAN
      10. Network At Park
      11. You Are Touching My Data
      12. Password Is Your ATM Pin
      13. You Are The Same Guy Came Yesterday
      14. Router Overloaded
      15. You Owe Me Money For 1.5 Gb DATA
      16. Pay By Card
      17. You Are Not So Cool
      18. Spoiled Internet
      19. You Can Not Use This Now
      20. You Used My Last LAN
      21. Why Do You Connect?
      22. You Used Unsecured Wifi
      23. Touch Me If You Can
      24. You Are Damaging My Connection
      25. Particularly For Her
      26. You Have To Spare This Wifi
      27. Internet Jammer Is Activated
      28. Download Your Data
      29. Data Is In Locker
      30. Nobody Steel The Data
      31. Data Is In Police Protection
      32. This Is Police Internet
      33. Police Will Punish You
      34. You Have To Face The Consequences
      35. You Are Not Using A Valid Wifi


Collection of Best Geeky Wifi Names for your Mobile Hotspot:-

      1. You Are Unsecured
      2. You Have Chosen A Risky Wifi
      3. Wifi Is Under Protection
      4. Haunted Wifi
      5. Wifi Signal Shows Ghost
      6. Paranormal Activity Traced In Wifi
      7. Wifi Issue Remains Always
      8. You Can Not Log-In With Password
      9. Wifi Without Data
      10. Biometric Password Needed
      11. Wifi Without Internet
      12. Lover’s Wifi
      13. Wifi With Bug
      14. You Are Almost There
      15. Wifi Next To You
      16. You Need To Pass Your Atm Pin
      17. Wifi With Virus
      18. You Are Not Secured
      19. Wifi From The Car Parked Nearby
      20. Neighbors Network
      21. Wifi From The House Infront Of You
      22. Rules Applicable
      23. Wifi From The Girl’s Phone Sitting Next To You
      24. You Chose Wrong Wifi Network
      25. Wifi From The Pink Dressed Girl
      26. Network Is Losing Your Trust
      27. Wifi Is Not Yours
      28. You Have To Be Loyal
      29. Wifi Plus
      30. Wifi Is Stealing Your Data
      31. My Wifi Does Not Like You
      32. Network Is Loading Slowly
      33. My Wifi Likes You
      34. I Am Just Behind The Network
      35. My Wifi Wants You To Connect
      36. Free Wifi Finished, Now Pay
      37. My Wifi Is Waiting For Your Touch
      38. I Am Seeing You Through This Wifi
      39. My Wifi Is Connecting You And Me
      40. You Are Not Likely To Connect
      41. I Am At The Backend Of The Wifi
      42. You Seek For Free Wifi Every Time
      43. Free Internet Hub
      44. Wifi Is Missing You
      45. You Are My LAN
      46. Oh ! My LAN
      47. You Are So Cute
      48. Love My LAN
      49. Love My Wifi
      50. Password Not Need For You
      51. Technology Outdated Wifi
      52. Wifi Generation 6 Released
      53. 10 GBPS Speed
      54. Speed Test Failed
      55. Download Test Failed
      56. Hacker’s Wifi
      57. Risk Is Yours
      58. Your Wife Is Using My Dongle
      59. Wifi Is Connection Continuous
      60. Your Wife Is Connecting To My Dongle
      61. My Last LAN
      62. Your Wife Is Showing Her LAN
      63. LAN IS LONELY
      64. Your Wife Is Felling Secure To Use My LAN
      65. Wifi Is Fine Without You


Final Words:

I hope you have liked our above collections of wifi names. All the wifi names are unconventional and socially inept. The unfashionable stuff is also known as geeky stuff and having realized the same thing, we decided to create a comprehensive list of geeky wifi names.

When you use unfashionable or such wifi names in your router network or mobile hotspot, you just want the same wifi name to be shown by your friends, because your friends will only understand the meaning of such geeky wifi name. They will be able to connect to the same more comfortably and we do not find share such a comprehensive list of wifi names with you.
If you are liking these wifi names, we would request you to Share this article with your friends, so your friends can also experience the same geeky wifi names.

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